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Pacific Services & Manufacturing, LLC

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PSM LLC warrants each new manufactured product is to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service within 12 months or 1,800 hours of operation, whichever expires first, after first use or delivery to an end user. Remanufactured warranty is 6 months or 900 hours of operation, whichever expires first, after first use or delivery to an end user.

Please Note: Warranty coverage will not apply if claims are received after 30 days of initial failure or non-conformance.

All hydraulic components that are provided with PSM Products (i.e. cylinders, valves, motors, hydraulic swivels and cartridges) are covered under our warranty for 12 months from the date that the product was shipped from PSM LLC.

To preserve PSM LLC Warranty, Dealer’s and Customers must carefully follow applicable Installation, Operation and Service Instructions when operating and maintaining PSM LLC products.

This Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose and the obligation and liability of PSM under this Warranty shall not include any transportation or other charges or the cost of installation or any liability for direct, indirect or consequential damages or delay resulting from the defect.

Any operation beyond rated capacity or the improper use or application of product, or the substitution of parts not approved by PSM LLC or any alteration or repair by others shall void this Warranty.

PSM’s obligation and liability under this Warranty is expressly limited to repairing, or at PSM`s option, replacing the defective part free of charge at PSM’s factory.

This Warranty covers only new and unused or Remanufactured Products manufactured by PSM.  Products manufactured by others are covered only by such warranties as are extended to PSM by its suppliers.

Parts claimed to be defective and for which repair or replacement is desired shall be, if requested by PSM, returned transportation prepaid to PSM’s factory for inspection. A Return Goods Authorization Form (RGA) needs to be obtained from the PSM Warranty Dept. before any parts or Product can be returned to PSM LLC.

Restrict your repairs to adjustment and/or replacement of PSM LLC parts. Repairs,(i.e. honing, grinding, drilling, welding, ect.) are not covered under our warranty unless the alterations or modifications have been previously approved in writing by PSM LLC Service Department Personnel.

PSM LLC will not be held liable for any failures of it`s Product due to improper storage of that Product. (unused Product stored outside in the weather)

No representative of PSM is authorized to change this Warranty in any way, and no attempt, effort or promise to repair a Product of PSM either by PSM or by any representative of PSM at any time shall change or extend this Warranty in any way.

Distributor and Dealer agree to extend only the above Warranty to its customers.  In the event the Distributor or Dealer extends to its customer an additional Warranty such as by extending the scope or period of Warranty or undertaking a Warranty of fitness for any particular purpose or any other obligation not encompassed in PSM’s Warranty, the Distributor or Dealer shall be solely responsible therefore and shall have no recourse against PSM LLC with respect thereto.

All PSM LLC Warranty Claim procedures must be closely followed.  Only claims submitted on PSM Claim Forms will be considered.