Hydraulic Thumbs

All PSM thumbs are built with all T-1 steel; they are CNC machined and are fully line bored, the heavy duty cylinders have induction hardened chrome plated rods, deceleration cushions at both ends, and dual bushings for better pin support. Our progressive link thumbs have dual links to give a greater range of travel and are available with maximum rotation to follow the bucket thru full rotation. Progressive links eliminate thumb body twist and give even gripping power. Our thumbs aggressive design stores compactly and grips effectively.

Progressive Link Hydraulic Thumbs

Provides superior range of motion, cylinder and tensional stability. Dual progressive links give greater range of travel, eliminates thumb body twist, and provides even gripping power at both sides of the thumb, stores compactly. Like all PSM thumbs, this design uses T-1 steel components and is fully line bored with hardened pins and bushings for ultimate strength and longevity. Anti-torsion progressive links are used along with a dual cushioned cylinder to absorb shock and wear on your machine.

Rigid Thumbs

Eliminating the need for auxiliary hydraulics, with manual positioning of the thumb body. This least expensive of the PSM Thumb offerings is manufactured to the highest quality specifications like all PSM thumbs, CNC Machined and line bored for dependability and long life. Can be converted to a No-Link Hydraulic Thumb.